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There is something new under the sun. Sundance Replicas are handcrafted and made from wood. We take your photo and carve it into a very special gift. A Replica is much like a framed photo with a bonus - the added realism of three dimensions.

- Each replica is approximately
5 inches x 7 inches and 1/2 inch thick-

***** Sundance Replicas are only in production from October 15- November 15 for December deliveries. We can accept pre-orders, however, production will not begin until late October.

They're ideal as housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts or just a memorable way to display your favorite photos. They cost $65.00 including shipping.

Sundance Replicas
PRINTable gallery of our work (pdf)

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Thanks - Jim

If you have questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page - or just contact us for more details. You can also order online!

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