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Fund Raising

Use our proven program to raise funds for your organization

Let Sundance Replicas help your school, church, synagogue, foundation or other non-profit, raise funds.  We have helped organizations generate significant returns, while providing their members/donors with a treasured keepsake.  

The program is simple. Offer your members, parents, donors, etc. the opportunity to buy a Replica, and we will donate a significant amount of the proceeds back to your organization. Sundance Replicas manages the entire process so there is no increased administrative overhead on your part. In order to maximize your return, donors can also place orders for Replicas unrelated to the fundraising effort (such as their own home) using a special code specific to each client, and Sundance Replicas will donate proceeds back.  If you have a new building or addition to an existing building in the planning phase, we can create a Replica using architectural renderings.  This is a great way to build excitement and support for your project.  There are many ways we can customize this program for your organization. For further information please contact us at 1-609-602-3243 and ask for Jim. Let us help you!

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