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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we hear the most ... but we're always ready to hear a new one! If your question isn't answered below, just contact us.

Q. How long will it take to create my Sundance Replica?

A. We will ship your Replica 4 to 6 weeks after we have received your order.

Q. How much will my Replica cost?

A. Sundance Replicas cost just $65.00 So ... they're a customized gift - and an affordable one too!

Q. Do you have any hints on taking a good photo to create a Replica from?

A. Yes we do! If you are taking a photo of a home, take several photos. Take one photo "straight on" as you see pictured below. Then take another photo (or more) from slight angles. These are helpful in terms of accentuating the characteristics of the home you want us to emphasize in 3D.

Photo Upload Tips

See the following questions for photo upload tips:

Q. Can Sundance Replicas do any photo editing of the picture I send? Like removing a car from the driveway, that kind of thing.

A. OCCASIONALLY we able to do limited editing.

Q. Is there a certain setting I should use on my camera to take a picture I would send to Sundance Replicas?

A. Yes, the resolution should be within the range of at least 1 Megapixel, although 2, 4, or
higher will show even more detail. These higher settings will also result in larger file size.

Q. What if I don't have a digital photo?

A. If you can't take a digital photograph of your Replica idea - for example, you may have an old photo of your childhood home - you can go to any photo developer and get a copy made. Ask them to provide you with a CD you can use to send us your photo.  Another option is for the photo developer to email the photo to you as well as providing you with a CD.

Q. Can I send in a photo and have you decide what to accentuate in 3D?

A. Sure, we have done lots of Replicas, so we are pretty good at determining what will make yours look great.

Q. What are the system requirements?

A. You can simply email us the photos OR call and I'll give you a mailing address.

Q. Will my uploaded image be cropped to make my Replica?

A. We do limited photo editing to your photo and will do our best to cut the photo out to meet your requirements.

Q. How can I keep an important part of my photo from being cropped out?

A. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure to note the important features to you on an email you send to us (call us first).

Q. What type of photo file can I upload?

A. Any digital photo you upload must have an ending that matches one of the following file types (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .gif). Whichever type of file you use, the copy that you upload will be converted to JPEG format before it's added to your order.

Q. What is the best resolution for my photo?

A. Resolution is an indication of your photo quality. The higher the resolution, the more detailed your photo. The majority of digital cameras sold now offer at least the ability to take a 2 Megapixel photo. For the best results the picture should be a minimum 1 Megapixel. Although a 2, 4 or higher Megapixel photo is all the better. We recommend a minimum resolution of  1024 x 768 or higher with a setting of 300 dpi to produce a quality replica.  When we review your order if we think the resolution is not high enough to produce a quality replica, we'll let you know.

Q. What is the minimum file size that I can upload?

A. File size doesn't determine quality. Generally speaking, the larger the file size, the more
details the photo contains, although this largely depends upon the format of the digital file.
A picture stored in the TIFF format (remember, jpeg is the preferred format) may be 10 to 40 times larger than the same file stored in the JPG format with a minimal loss of detail in the smaller file. So, the amount of detail is strictly dependent upon the settings at the time the picture is taken, not when the photo is stored as a file.

Q. What is the maximum image size that I can upload?

A. There is no maximum image limit for upload, however larger photos will take longer to upload.

Q. Can I upload photos from my film camera?

A. If you can't take a digital photograph of your subject - for example, you may have an old photo of your childhood home - you can go to any photo developer and get a digital copy made or, if you have the necessary equipment, you can scan the photo yourself to get a digital copy.  If you are just shooting the photos now you can get them put on a CD when you have them developed. Once you have your digital copy of your photo you can upload it to the web site.

Payment and Processing

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept personal checks, Venmo, PayPal and money orders.

Q. How do I know what the shipping and tax will be for my replica?

A. I pay all shipping to anywhere in the U.S. International Shipping will be added to the price.

Q. What type of shipping do you offer?

A. We currently offer trackable USPS Priority shipping only.  Delivery is usually 3-5 days after your replica is completed, subject to December mail backups.

Sundance Replicas is not responsible for shipping delays due to weather, natural disaster, or causes out of our shippers control.

Q. I live outside of the U.S. Can I place an order?

Yes. International shipping can cost more. Call us and we'll get you a quote on shipping. Payment for Replica is in U.S. dollars

Q. Can I change the quantity of the number of replicas I want?

A. Yes. Just call or email us.

Q. I like my replica another, how can I reorder more?

A. Call 1-609 - 602 - 3243 or email us at orders@sundancereplicas.com

Q. There is a problem with my replica, how do I return it?

Your satisfaction with your replica is 100% guaranteed. If you're ever dissatisfied with your replica for any reason, we will provide you with a full replacement or a full refund. Sundance Replicas will pay for the postage of your return. Please contact us to arrange a refund or replacement at 1-609-602-3243. If you request a replacement, we'll arrange for you to reorder the original items at no charge.

Q. That's all well and good, but I have another question that is not mentioned here.

A. No problem. Just go to "Contact us" on the web site and let us know what's on your mind. We'll get you a response within 24 hours.