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You can't sell from an empty wagon ... Words of wisdom passed down from my Grandfather,and worth their weight in Gold.

A well priced listing is already half sold and in today's market ACCURATE PRICING can mean the difference between a sixty day close and a six month close.

Shoemaker lumber Company - Ocean City, NJ


2010 has brought with it a new economic reality, and second home sales should exceed the levels they did over the past two years. Many people continue to feel wealthy and are putting their money into second and, not uncommonly, third and fourth homes.

Baby boomers are reaching their peak earning years and whatever the short-term changes in the economy, have ample resources to reach out for their dream homes.

Please feel free to view my resume, you've already sampled my marketing approach. My Internet exposure began over 15 years ago, and I strive to keep it in the eyes of the World by constantly checking my ratings with the major search engines.

I believe PEOPLE sell houses, and your home needs exposure to people as well as Realtors. In today's market MLS exposure isn't enough.

Please call me at 1 - 888 - 602 - 3243 or email me at if you are thinking of selling. OR visit my Registry and Place your Thoughts on selling in the comments section
( include your Ocean City address please ). I'd be glad to share my Marketing Plan with you.

My Resume

My Marketing Plan

James I. (Jim)Marshall, CRS, GRI, e-PRO
"Delivering Waves of Memories Since 1977..."

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